Guiding your home buying journey from search to sold

Daft Assist helps you to find and track all the services and steps of your home purchase in one place, and it’s free.

Why Daft Assist?

Our mission is to simplify the property buying process by providing you with the expert, impartial support you need to put you in the best possible position to get your next home.

Save Time & Money

We curate discounts with the best home-buying service providers.

Personalised Expert Home-Buying Assistant

Access years of experience with your own home buying assistant.

All in One Place

Your entire home-buying journey managed in one place.


Helping you to get to every major milestone

We use our expertise to guide you through the home-buying journey allowing you to reach each milestone as smoothly as possible.

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About Daft Assist

Daft Assist is the result of a collaboration between Daft.ie and Lintil. We use our expertise to guide you through the whole home-buying journey by:

Providing support and assistance from search to sale.

Connecting you with the best home-buyers service providers in the market at discounted prices.

Managing your home buying experience all in one place.

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Customer Testimonials


Lintil and Daft Assist were amazing. As this was our first time buying, one of the agents suggested we use Daft Assist to help us get through the process.  We couldn’t be more pleased with how it went. We got weekly updates and the guys at Daft Assist were super helpful, considerate and professional. I would highly recommend it.”